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Department of Radiation Biology and Health

Associate Professor : Akira Ootsuyama, M.Vet., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor : Ryuji Okazaki, MD, Ph.D.

Focus of research

1. Cellular apoptotic capacity is being investigated as factors influencing radiation induced teratogenesis, carcinogenesis and mutagenesis.

2. Adaptive responses to low-level radiation in cells and organisms.

3. Biological assessment of an exposure to tritium beta rays and an enhancement of tritium excretion.

4. Modification of radiosensitivity in cancer treatment.

5. Quantitative assays for measuring the cytotoxic and mutagenic effects of carcinogenic mutagens in human peripheral blood T-lymphocytes.

6. Evaluation of biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

7. Survey of medical and occupational radiation exposure.

Keywords :

Radiation biology, Teratogenesis, Apoptosis, Radiosensitizer, Magnetic fields

Latest publications of our research

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Educational activities

The use of radiation which is extending steadily in medicine, industry, and in power production has become indispensable to modern life. Thus the purpose of this course is to have the students understand what radiation is, how it affects living things and man, how to use and manage it correctly in medicine, and how to prevent radiation hazards during medical use.

This course is divided into two parts; lectures and practice.

The lectures deal with the following five subjects; 1) Introduction : Concerning radiation and man, 2) Radiation physics, 3) Radiation biology, 4) Radiation hazards, 5) Health physics.

The experiments on radiation effects on mammals and mammalian cells and the safe handling of radioisotopes are carried out in the practice.

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