Department of Work Systems and Health

Professor: Akira OGAMI, M.D., Dr.Med.Sc.
Resarch Associate: Koichi HATA, M.D.

The primary concern of the Department of Work Systems and Health is not only to elucidate the mechanisms of disease, concentrating on detailed examination of the process of involved, resulted from inadequate work conditions, but also to offer an effective method for improving work systems by analyzing environmental and human factors leading to disease. The primary objective of the laboratory is to do research and to educate using comprehensive viewpoints pertinent to the architecture of human's lifetime work and health.

  1. Epidemiological research on exposure and human health effects of particulate matters, chemical substances.
  2. Analytical research on health effect of fibrous materials and management of risk.
  3. Research and development of sustainable working life for aged worker.
  4. Research on organizational Occupational Health Services Systems.
  5. Research and development for countermeasures to recent work style and overwork.
  6. Development of system and tools for education and training of occupational health professionals.
  7. Research and development of database and network system for occupational health research and services.
  8. Research on support of occupational health services in distributed enterprises.

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