2018 [21st] International Teleconference Seminar 2018 (Posted on Dec. 27, 2018)

<International Teleconference Seminar 2018>


UOEH together with National Taiwan University, Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Khon Kaen University (Thailand) conducted the International Teleconference Seminar 2018. Every Tuesday from September 11 to December 4, we shared thirteen live lectures including four lectures provided by UOEH. There was one special lecture provided by the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute, University of Sydney this year. Four lectures were provided by UOEH as follows.


<Oct. 2> 

"Current Status and Issues of Occupational Poisoning in Japan" by Prof. Susumu Ueno, Department of Occupational Toxicology

Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Yukiyo Yamamoto

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<Oct. 23> 

 "Innovation in Disaster Epidemiology -The WHO Emergency Medical Team Minimum Data Set" by Assoc. Prof. Tatsuhiko Kubo, Department of Environmental Epidemiology

Coordinator: Prof. Yoshihisa Fujino

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<Nov. 13>

"Safety Culture: its role in occupational safety" by Lecturer Takuro Shoji, Department of Occupational Safety and Health Management

Coordinator: Prof. Kunio Hara

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<Dec. 4>

"Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology in Occupational Health" by Assoc. Prof. Takashi Maruyama, Department of Physiology 1

Coordinator: Prof. Kunio Hara

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