2018 [23rd] Attendance to the conference organized by DDC and DMS, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand (Posted on Dec. 27, 2018)

<Attendance to the conference organized by DDC and DMS, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand>


Prof. Seichi Horie, Department of Health Policy and Management, Prof. Susumu Ueno, Department of Occupational Toxicology (Director of International Center), Assoc. Prof. Hiroto Izumi, Department of Pneumology and an administrative staff of International Center attended the conference entitled “The International Conference on Occupational and Environmental Disease” organized by the Department of Disease Control (DDC) and the Department of Medical Services (DMS), Ministry of Public Health, Thailand in Bangkok from December 11 to 14. The invitation was sent to UOEH based on the Memorandum of Understandings concluded with DDC in July, 2016 and DMS in June, 2018 respectively. There were approximately 500 participants, and representatives from WHO, ILO, UN, ASEAN countries etc.


The Purpose and objectives of this conference was firstly to exchange research and study in the field of occupational and environmental medicine focusing on innovation and technology for prevention, control and treatment, to establish national and international cooperation, and to drive policy at the level of regional, national and international network on prevention, control and treatment of occupational and environmental diseases. Prof. Horie delivered greetings on behalf of UOEH as well as presentations on "Recognition and Management of Work-related Psychiatric Diseases in Japan" and "Strategic Management on Occupational Health in Workplace" while Assoc. Prof. Izumi delivered a talk on "How to Work, Biomarker and Health Risk Assessment". In addition, Prof. Horie and Prof. Ueno participated in the Round Table on ASEAN Cooperation on Occupational Health which aims at establishing "ASEAN Diagnostic Criteria for Occupational Disease", as external experts. 



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       Organizers and presenters          Opening greetings by Prof. Horie


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    Presentation by Assoc. Prof. Izumi              Round Table ASEAN Cooperation

                                                                                    on Occupational Health