2018 [3rd] New Program Launched with Ulsan Univerisity Hospital (Posted on Feb. 19, 2018)

<New Program Launched with Ulsan University Hospital>

From February 7 to 10, an eight-member delegation including six trainees of the residency program and one administrative from the International Center, headed by Prof. Ogami, Department of Work Systems and Health, visited Ulsan University Hospital, Korea. We renewed our agreement on academic cooperation in January 2018 with the intention of promoting a program between the trainees of residency program of Ulsan University Hospital and the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, UOEH. The program included tours at Ulsan University Hospital, Hyundai Motor Company, the shipbuilding department at Hyundai Heavy Industries and their occupational health service sections. After sharing the latest information on occupational health situations in each country and giving presentations on research from both institutions, fruitful discussion followed.


IMG_9898.JPG DSC07055.JPG

           Ulsan University Hospital         Tour at Occupational Health Center 

                                                                               of Ulsan University Hospital 


DSC06999.JPG DSC07044.JPG 

   Presentation and Discussion                Occupational Health Center

                                                                                at Hyundai Motor Company