<1st> May 5, 2012 / <2nd> June 7, 2012 / <3rd> June 19, 2012 / <4th> July 18, 2012

<1st> May 5, 2012; Notices from WHO



Here are 3 notices received from the World Health Organization (WHO) as below.

Please inform us if you would like the further information in PDF of the following:


<Now wanted>

(1)  Short-term (7 days) Consultancy for Occupational Health in Kuwait - 7days dispatch to Kuwait (paid work)


(2)  Consultant for Development of Healthy and Safe Physical Work Environment Tool

- Working on the development of the tool, based on a thorough review of the literature under the provided requirements, by following the contents of WHO Global Plan of Action for Workers’ Health


Period: June 11th to July 31st (33 days).  No dispatch (Salary US$14,850 (33 days × $450 / day) )


(3)  Internship at WHO Kobe Center (WKC)

- There is no payment since this is an internship.  Must take a selection examination.

In the case of UOEH, candidates are limited to grad students or residents who are already qualified as a medical doctor and currently enrolled in Graduate School or in third year or later of the UOEH Residency Program and who have an incentive to experience work in an International Organization for a short-term (6 weeks to 3 months).  Regarding this matter, discussions with the International Center, Graduate School (including the Professor in charge, etc.), and other sections will be required before hands the program is based on a partnership between UOEH and WKC.


In addition, those who are interested should study the PDF documents by themselves as there are detailed conditions for all recruitment notices above.  All tasks require the command of high-quality English and other stated conditions.


<2nd> June 7, 2012; President of Kaohsiung Medical University (Taiwan) visit



President Hsin-Su Yu of Kaohsiung Medical University visited UOEH on Monday, June 4th.  Professor Toshihiro Kawamoto hosted President Yu who visited the Department of Environmental Health, School of Medicine and observed the project on Eco & Child Study conducted by the same department.


President Yu also visited at the International Center and exchanged opinions with Professor Rieko Kawamoto of Kyushu University, President Kimitoshi Kohno, Professor Meikan Seki of Nursing of Human Broad Department and Professor Ken Takahashi of the International Center. 


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<3rd> June 19, 2012; Visiting Kurume University International Center



<Visiting Kurume University International Center>


We visited Kurume University International Center on Friday, June 15th, to observe it as a model for our newly opened International Center.  Kurume University is a comprehensive university which has the faculties of Literature, Law, Economics and Commerce as well as Graduate School besides its School of Medicine, and there are approximately 7,000- 8,000 students.

The office and the director’s room of the International Center locate at the 1st floor of Medea Center in Mii Campus, and there also is the section surrounded by partitions for the international students to gather at the lobby.


They had 279 international students (including undergraduates, postgraduates and the ones in the special course) in the previous academic year.  There are the director of the center and 5 office workers, and 3 full-time Japanese language teachers for the special course.  It seems that the features of the International Center are supporting their international students first and advising their Japanese students who are studying abroad second.  FYI, they are affiliated with 17 overseas schools and they had 12 mutual visits in the past year.


We were so pleased to hear the informative stories from the University, which has the slogan of “人へ地域へ、そして世界へ/For the people, for the society, and for the world”; they take advantage of the acceptance of the international students who are academically-advanced to improving the university-wide evaluations, as well as recently establishing the philosophical construct as the foothold of activity policy for international exchanges.  Please visit their official website as below for further information:



We are hoping to post the photos of the day in our own website, in the UOEH International Center website in the near future.


Ken Takahashi, Director,

International Center



The hosts at Kurume University:

Nobutaka Miyahara, Director of International Center, Professor of Faculty of Literature Tsuruko Ito, Head of the Section, Office of International Center


UOEH visitors:

Ken Takahashi, Director of International Center, Takahiro Shinkai (School of Medicine), Assistant Director of International Center Junko Nakatani (School of Health Sciences), Assistant Director of International Center Kyoko Yoshimura, Assistant-chief of Research Support Section Mayumi Iwamura, In charge of International Center


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<4th> July 18, 2012; Consolidated the Lists of International faculties, staff and students at



<Consolidated the Lists of International faculties, staff and students at UOEH>


As of July 1st, 2012, we, the Research Support Section, have consolidated all the lists of the international students, faculties, researchers and staff into one to have a better support for the international residents at UOEH; The lists used be spread in each department.


There are total of 27 international residents; 16 students at Graduate School of Medical Science (M: 6, F: 10), 8 faculties (M: 4, F:4), a female nursing staff, 3 visiting researchers (M:2, F:1) and 2 other male staff.

(For those who are in two different positions; student and faculty, they are overlapped and counted in each position, but the total number is the actual number.)


By country, there are 11 Chinese, 5 Vietnamese, 3 Taiwanese, 2 Americans, 2 Koreans and one each from Fiji, Indonesia, Iran and Thailand.


Concerning the measures for the protection of personal information, we will not distribute the list to you all.  Please contact us if you would like to check it.  Since the list will be updated regularly, it would be very much appreciated if you could inform us of any personnel transfers of international residents in case there is one in your department.  Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.