<5th> Aug. 1, 2012 / <6th> Aug. 16, 2012 / <7th> Aug. 30, 2012 / <8th> Sept. 4, 2012

<5th> Aug. 1, 2012; International Partner Universities and Institutions with MOUs



<Re: International Partner Universities and Institutions with MOUs>


We, the Research Support Section, researched regarding UOEH International Partners.

There are 24 Universities and Institutions affiliated with UOEH with MOUs; the first one is with Kosin Medical College, Korea in 1984 and the latest is with the Catholic University of Korea last fall, in 2011.


We have the names of the representative examples on the wall, and we also displayed the original MOUs in the cabinet in the International Center.

Please feel free to ask us if you wish to have a look.




<6th> Aug. 16, 2012; President of CUK (Korea) visit



<President Pahk and Professor Cho of CUK visited UOEH>


On Wednesday, August 8th, the president Pahk and the professor Cho of The Catholic University of Korea* which we signed in the MoU as a partner University last November, and we had a ceremony to welcome them at the International Center.


President Kohno, Director Matsumoto of the University Hospital and Director Takahashi of the International Center hosted them, and we had a great opportunity to exchange active opinions for the future perspective after the introduction of each University.


*The Catholic University of Korea is a comprehensive University and was established in 1855.

They have 8,443 under graduated students and 2,570 post-graduated students as well as 8 affiliated hospitals.


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<7th> Aug. 30, 2012; Invitation to Opening Ceremony of JICA Group Training Course



<Invitation to the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd JICA Group Training Course "Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine for Workers">


UOEH will commence the 3rd JICA Group Training Course "Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine for Workers" on the morning of September 3 (Mon), which will continue until mid-December.

This year we will host 8 participants from 6 countries: 2 each from Malaysia and Maldives, and 1 each from Kosovo, the Philippines, South Africa and Vietnam.

It is the first time that the International Center will directly oversee the implementation.

We have already sent out invitations to individuals related to organizing the Course, but we would like to encourage anyone of UOEH to attend the opening ceremony who are interested in the course or in meeting new international colleagues.


Place: Ramazzini Hall (small hall on the left) Date & Time: September 3 Mon, 9:00 am-


Ken Takahashi,

Director, International Center


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<8th> Sept. 4, 2012; JICA Group Training Course begun



<The 3rd JICA Group Training Course "Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine for Workers" begun>


The 3rd JICA Group Training Course "Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine for Workers" has kicked off with the 8 trainees from the 6 countries including Maldives, South Africa and etc. on Monday, the 3rd of September.


The opening ceremony was held at the Ramazzini Hall, and the orientation, the tour in the university and welcome party followed throughout the day.


The course will be closed on December 14th.


This training course is delegated to Kitakyushu International Techno-cooperative Association (KITA) by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and it’s conducted with our support.


It’s the 28th year of the total commitment as our international training course this year, and it’s also the 3rd and the final year conducted under the foresaid title.


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