1st<13th> (January 11, 2013) / 2nd<14th> (Jan 17, 2013) / <Notice> Jan. 21, 2013

1st <13th> Official Website for the International Center (in Japanese) is open (January 11, 2013)



<Official Website for the International Center (in Japanese) is open>


The UOEH International Center has launched the official website (in Japanese) since Thursday, January 10, 2013.




You can also enter to it from the top page of the university website;

⇒ 関連施設 (Relevant facilities) ⇒ 国際交流センター (International Center)


The information such as the number of the international students, faculty and staff in position classification & nation/region classification, and the names of our international partner universities and institutions with MoU in chronological order are available in this website.

Also, the post-International Center News which were sent as text-basis are now shared with photos, so please enjoy.


We are dedicated to provide new information and keep updating you.


Please note that we are still working on with the English page which will be open soon.

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2nd <14th> Invitation to Activities in UOEH and CUK Exchange Program (Jan 17, 2013)



<Invitation to the activities in UOEH and CUK Exchange Program>


UOEH, through IIES, has been engaged with The Catholic University of Korea


(CUK) through collaborative researches etc. based on the agreement signed in February 2003. This year, the International Center is in support of this exchange program to invite not only the faculty and staff of IIES but also all in university-wide.


The activities such as the official meeting etc. are planned to welcome the PhD students from CUK on Thursday, February 21st. Those who are interested are most welcome to join. (Please note that the deadline for applying the activities is by Friday, February 1st.)


     ≪Host/Contact for inquiries & application≫

        Yuko Kondo (ext. 2844)

        Department of Work Systems and Health, IIES



International Center



<Notice> Jan. 21, 2013; Announcement for this years' events from WHO



 This is a re-edited summary of 2 messages delivered on Jan. 21, 2013.)


Announcement for this years' events from WHO


These 3 information below has been received from WHO which we judged to have relevance to our organization.


* The Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit <London>

* Occupational health crossing borders (Summer School) <Munich>

* Two interesting meetings <Helsinki, Finland> "Well-being" and Wealth Conference" and "Culture of Prevention"



(Information received from WHO is as below.)


Announcement for this years' events


The Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit,

10 - 12, April 2013, The Waldorf Hotel, London, UK


Open to ALL employer organisations (for profit and not-for-profit, local and international) in up to three categories:


1. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): who run exemplary programs addressing all components.


2. Large Enterprises: with over 250 employees who run exemplary programs addressing all components.


3. Specialized Programs: employers of all sizes who run a particularly innovative workplace health promotion program in some but not necessarily all of components.


Applications will be assessed using the four components of the World Health Organisation's Healthy Workplace Model (http://www.who.int/occupational_health/healthy_workplaces/en/index.html)


Benefits to Finalists (2 per category)


-       Opportunity to present and fully participate at Global Workplace Awards Summit, London, 10th - 12th April, 2013 (travel and accommodation paid).


Benefits to Award winners


-       Winner of the prestigeous Global Healthy Workplace Award.

-       Featured as part of a twelve month global healthy workplace promotional program.

-       Additional Prize of US $5,000 awarded to winner of the SME category.

-       Close of award applications: 10th February, 2013

Link: http://www.globalhealthyworkplace.com/


<Additional Info>

Link to The Search Is On for the Healthiest Workplaces in the World; FINANCIAL; 15/01/2013 23:39:



This spring, London will host the first Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit to find the worlds healthiest workplaces those using the most innovative programs and practices to make the biggest impact on the health and well-being of employees and their surrounding communities.



The Summer School "Occupational health crossing borders" will take place in Munich from the 19th to the 30th of August 2013.


The summer school is targeted at occupational safety and health professionals. It provides information about occupational safety and health systems around the world with special focus on Europe. In addition, we will be focussing on Basic occupational health services (BOSH). In small groups, participants will develop cross-country projects in this field. The idea is that these projects will be carried out by the participants after the course.




Contact: Prof Dr Katia Radon, Center for International Health @ Institute for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine University, Hospital Munich (LMU), katja.radon@med.lmu.de




Here are two interesting meetings for all who wish to develop OH&S and work life in their countries. They are also closely responding to the topics of WHO Global Plan of Action for Workers Health.


Well-being and Wealth Conference

26-28 August 2013, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Helsinki, Finland


This Conference deals with active ageing and improving well-being at work for everybody.


Link: http://www.ttl.fi/en/international/conferences/work_well_being_and_wealth/pages/default.aspx


Culture of Prevention

25-27 September 2013, Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Finland


This Conference deals a lot with how to prevent accidents in our workplaces, occupational and work-related diseases, and loss of work ability.


Link: http://www.ttl.fi/cultureofprevention2013