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<Notice> April 12, 2013; ILO Seminar in Tokyo



We received the information below from Dr. Tsuyoshi Kawakami of International Labour Organization (ILO). Dr. Kawakami has visited UOEH and given lectures for several times in the past.


The theme for ILO World Day for Safety and Health at Work is Preventing Occupational Diseases. Along with the theme, ILO Tokyo is organizing the seminar, "Prevention of Occupational Diseases: Focusing on Radiation-related Occupational Safety and Health" on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. We hope many of those who are interested can attend the seminar as well as informing this to the others who would be interested.


The detailed information in PDF file (in Japanese) is downloadable from the link below.



Official website of ILO Office for Japan: Events in Japan



International Center


<Notice> April 24, 2013; Information from ILO Nairobi Office



We received the below information from Mr. Minoru Ogasawara (ILO Nairobi Office), who is engaged with child labor issues. Please contact us for detailed information in English as well as the original message.


<Summary of the Information>

Surveys and researches in Asian region are planned to be conducted to investigate health risks of children and youth working at brick kilns and related enterprises. ILO and other related organizations hope to establish countermeasures.

We are probing if there is any interest in research organizations/universities in Japan to co-operate with such surveys, especially to measure indoor air contamination. Travel expenses and necessary costs will be covered. Expression of interest would be highly appreciated.



International Center 



6th <18th> MOU with OSHRI, KOSHA being renewed (May 21, 2013)



<MOU with OSHRI, KOSHA being renewed>


The MOU between IIES, UOEH and Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute (OSHRI),


Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA), Republic of Korea, which was signed in 2010, has been renewed as of Wednesday, May 15, 2013.


The signing ceremony was held at the venue of the 86th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Occupational Health (Matsuyama, Ehime). Prof. Seichi Horie, Director of IIES and Dr. Jungsun Park, Director-General of OSHRI attended.


OSHRI, KOSHA conducts research on the technologies of occupational accident prevention, and works on its development and promotion. It also provides technical guidance and seminars in occupational safety and health in Korea.  






[7th] News Letter page, “Tidings from Around the World” is open (May 22, 2013)



<News Letter page, “Tidings from Around the World” is open>


We have now opened a page especially dedicated to former staff of our university, Mr. Tetsuo Ohfuji, that is actively engaged in various activities outside of Japan.


 ⇒“Tidings from Around the World


We will keep updating the news, so please watch this corner!




[8th] New webpages added (May 29, 2013)



<New webpages added to the International Center Website>


Three new webpages (in English) below are now open on our website.


 ・JICA Group Training Course


 ・Teleconference Seminar


 ・WHOCC - UOEH Meeting




[9th] “Tidings from Around the World” is updated (July 17, 2013)



<“Tidings from Around the World” is updated>


Please enjoy the 2nd issue of the News Letter, “Tidings from Around the




Tidings from Around the World

Pohnpei, Micronesia (Livelihood)


Pohnpei (formerly known as Ponape) is one of the states of the Federated

States of Micronesia (the other three being Yap, Chuuk, and Kosrae) and

contains the capital of the country, Palikir. The circumference of the

island is about 80 km and it is located 3,700 km south-southeast of Japan.

There is a 2-hour time difference with Japan. It’s known as the flower

garden of Micronesia because there are hibiscus and various other kinds of

flowers everywhere.


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