2014 [11th] (Delivered on Nov. 6, 2014) / 2014 [12th] (Delivered on Nov. 25, 2014)

2014 [11th] Medical Education Exchange Program with Kosin University (Delivered on Nov. 6, 2014)



<Medical Education Exchange Program with Kosin University>


We welcomed Dr. Chul Ho Oak, Dr. Jeonghoon Heo and 8 students from Kosin University, Korea. The university has a partnership with UOEH based on the agreement signed in 2011, for the Medical Education Exchange Program. The students from Kosin University were here for 4 weeks from October 6th to 31st, 2014.


On Monday, October 6th, Dr. Chul Ho Oak, Dr. Jeonghoon Heo and 8 students attended the opening ceremony and orientation. President Higashi and other faculty/staff of UOEH welcomed them including a welcome reception in the evening.


The students said they are satisfied with the 4 weeks clinical training and other activities outside of school with UOEH students. They left for Korea on November 1st. 




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2014 [12th] JICA International Training Course 2014 (Delivered on Nov. 25, 2014)



<JICA Training Course "Reinforcement of Administrative Capacity for Food Sanitation">


 UOEH accepted 8 trainees for JICA Training Course "Reinforcement of Administrative Capacity for Food Sanitation", and conducted 4 lectures in total on November 6th and 10th, 2014 as shown below. The trainees from Algeria, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Kingdom of Bhutan, Kingdom of Thailand and Republic of Macedonia were so motivated that there were many good opinion exchanges during lectures.



Thursday, November 6th

"Public health nutrition in Japan"

Prof. Noritaka Tokui,

Department of Preventive Medicine and Dietetics 

"Food Sanitation and Infection"

Prof. Hatsumi Taniguchi,

Department of Microbiology


Monday, November 10th

"Radioactivity and Food Sanitation"

Assoc. Prof. Toshiyuki Umata,

Radioisotope Research Center 

"Historical Aspect of Public Health in Japan"

Lecturer. Tatsuhiko Kubo,

Department of Public Health