2014 [13th] (Delivered on Nov. 25, 2014) / 2014 [14th] (Posted on Dec. 4, 2014)

2014 [13th] International Teleconference Seminar (Delivered on Nov. 25, 2014)



〈International Teleconference Seminar 2014 was held〉 


International Teleconference Seminar, also called International Perspectives in Environmental and Occupational Health Issues 2014 was held for 3 days on October 7, 28 and November 18 at room no. 1401 on 8th floor of the bulding no.1, UOEH. Our main counterparts were National Taiwan University and University Brunei Darussalam. Other universities such as National University of Singapore, United Nations Univeristy (Malaysia), National Seoul Univeristy and University of Newcastle, Australia also participated. The seminars included lively Q & A sessions along with sharing latest information and suggestions for future researches.



14.20pm - 16.00pm, Tuesday, October 7

"Managing workers with depression through the biopsychosocial model"

Associate Professor. Takahiro Shinkai, Department of Psychiatry

Coordinator: Prof. Ken Takahashi, Director of International Center

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14.20pm - 16.00pm, Tuesday, October 28

"Work organization and health" 

Prof. Akinori Nakata, Department of Occupational and Community Health Nursing 

Coordinator: Prof. Ken Takahashi, Director of International Center

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14.20pm - 16.00pm, Tuesday, November 18

 "Gap junction protein and arrhythmia susceptibility"

Assistant Professor. Tomonori Igarashi, Department of Occupational Toxicology

Coordinator: Prof. Akinori Nakata, Vice Director of International Center

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2014 [14th] Dr. Shin Young-Soo, Director of WHO-WPRO visited UOEH (Posted on Dec. 4, 2014)



<Dr. Shin Young-Soo, Director of WHO-WPRO visited UOEH>


 On December 1, Dr. Shin Young-Soo, Director of WHO-WPRO and Dr. Go Tanaka, Medical Officer, Technology Transfer External Relations and Communications visited UOEH. Following a courtesy call to Mr. Moriyama, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President Higashi, the guests were hosted by Prof. Takahashi, Director of the International Center, among others.


 The main purpose of their visit was to strengthen ties with UOEH, in particular the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences (IIES) as the WHO Collaborating Center on Occupational Health. Their tour included the General Perinatal Medical Center, Shared-Use Research Center and IIES as well as an off-campus tour of occupational health facilities hosted by Prof. Horie, Director of IIES.


 Dr. Shin expressed high hopes for UOEH to strengthen ties with the WHO.


(WHO-WPRO: World Health Organization, Western Pacific Regional Office) 



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