2014 [15th] (Posted on Dec. 10, 2014) / 2014 [16th] (Posted on Dec. 19, 2014)

2014 [15th] Participation in First Regional Forum of WHO Collaborating Centres in the Western Pacific Region (Posted on Dec. 10, 2014) 



 <Participation in First Regional Forum of WHO Collaborating Centres in the Western Pacific Region>


 November 13 and 14, the First Regional Forum of WHO Collaborating Centres in the Western Pacific Region was held in Manila, the Philippines. Among approximately 180 institutions in the region, about 130 institutions gathered in order to share their good practices such as success stories and effective collaborations.


 The Insitutute of Industrial Ecological Sciences (IIES), UOEH was chosen as one of the  6 representative institutions among 130 institutions, and Prof. Ken Takahashi, Director of International Center gave a presentaion on behalf of IIES as collaborating center on Occupational Health.


 (IIES: It has been designated as WHO Collaborating Centre on Occupational Health since 1988.) 


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2014 [16th] Accepted by SAKURA Exchange Program in Science, JST (Posted on Dec. 19, 2014) 



 < Exchange program was accepted by SAKURA Exchange Program in Science, JST >


International Center has applied for SAKURA Exchange Program in Science based on Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science Promotion provided by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Our plan has been accepted as one of the 88 out of 211 applications from all over Japan at the second selection of the year 2014.


"The goals of the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science are to work within the framework of close collaboration of industry, academia, and government to invite outstanding Asian youth for a short stay in Japan and to enhance productive exchanges between these youth and Japanese youth engaged in science and technology. Concurrently, this program aims to promote interest in cutting-edge Japanese science and technology among outstanding Asian youth, and thus, to encourage capacity building of these youth."


We will host 9 graduate students and 2 faculty and staff members from Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, China from February 1 to 8, 2015. Our program aims to promote their interest in our activities relevant to occupational health, and eventually to lead to our future collaborative activities. In addition to sharing information or experiences on our specialized field, Japanese cultural activities will be included in the program to deepen their comprehensive understanding toward Japan.



<SAKURA Exchange Program in Science>