2014 [3rd] (Jan. 28, 2014) / 2014 [4th] (Jan. 30, 2014)

2014 [3rd] Information related to Publication (Jan. 28, 2014)



< Information related to Publication>


The International Center receives a lot of information related to international matters including ads. We carefully select the ones which we believe that would be useful for our staff. We introduce them after taking out the advertising elements as much as possible.


We have 2 information which may be useful. (The statements below are summaries of the invitations. The actual invitations are available at the bottom of the article.)




① Information receuved from American Journal Experts (AJE) Education


We would like to introduce a series of online seminars (or webinars) that AJE Education launched in January 2014.


Here are a few of the topics scheduled:


Manuscript preparation:

○  English Grammar Basics

○  Conventions of Scholarly Writing

○  Figures: Illustrate Your Results


Scholarly publishing:

○  Tips for Publication Success

○  The Past, Present, and Future of Scholarly Publishing

○  Open Access 101


*The first online seminar is coming up on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014.

Seminar schedule and more details




② Information sent by Bay Publishing Ltd


Occupational Safety Asia (OSA) is a quarterly journal which aims to promote best practice and knowledge sharing between professionals.


Writers are encouraged to share the aspects of occupational safety in which they have the most interest, experience and passion to their readership.


There is no fee associated with making a contribution. 




Please feel free to contact us for further details (including the lists *1 and *2 stated in the invitation below) at kokusai@mbox.pub.uoeh-u.ac.jp


<The original invitations>

http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=3e3115b0623dec0347019639f&id=8d917f3242&e=9471126c31 (AJE Education)


② I am commissioning articles for Occupational Safety Asia Pacific journal and would be pleased to hear whether any of your colleagues would be interested in sharing their knowledge of occupational safety with our readers.


Occupational Safety Asia (OSA) is a quarterly journal which focuses on worker safety throughout the Asia Pacific region.


There is no fee associated with making a contribution; the aim of the journal is simply to promote best practice and knowledge sharing between professionals.


All previous articles are available on the OSA Article Archive, and the magazine can also be view digitally on the Bay Publishing Newsstand.


We use personal protective equipment (PPE) as a starting point for our articles, but are aware that this is just one element of a much broader picture of worker safety. As such, we purposefully offer our contributors very open titles so that they are not restricted.


Provided the article remains unbiased (no mention of specific products or brands) and fits with our demographics, writers are encouraged to share with our readership the aspects of occupational safety in which they have the most interest, experience and passion.


I have attached our demographics and full features list (*1), and our full editorial requirements are listed below.


Editorial Requirements:



Monday 10 February


Word Count

2,500 - 2,900 words, including up to 500 words for author biography details.



Microsoft Word document.


Feature Available

Height Safety


For further features see attached features list (*2).



We purposefully keep broad titles so that our writers are not restricted, and are free to write on aspects of the topic that they are most excited to share, provided they fit with our demographics. Perhaps the article could look at new technologies, misconceptions and limitations, and could include statistics and case studies.



The copy itself should be unbiased insofar as there should be no mention of any particular manufacturers or brands of equipment or instruments. You can of course discuss equipment etc. by using generic names rather than trade names.



Within the word count please write, in the third person, a few paragraphs (up to 500 words) for the end of the article to promote the work and research of the author and their organisation. Please include a contact number, email address and (if applicable) a website link.


(Bay Publishing Ltd)




2014 [4th] “New perspectives counting the Olympics medals” appeared in MAINICHI (Jan. 30, 2014)



<“New perspectives to enjoy the Olympics” appeared in the newspaper, MAINICHI>


As already introduced, a new proposal to count the number of medals in the Olympics games has been proposed by Professor Takahashi, the Director of the International Center, students and volunteer members of UOEH International Association.


It is proposed to divide all countries into two teams, like Japanese undokai style, to temper a "between-country-competition", and cheer not only his/her own country by the others in the same team.  


The link to the news appeared in MAINICHI is accessible below (the article is in Japanese):



More details including the links of the video clip created by the volunteers of UOEH International Association etc. are accessible below: