2014 [5th] / 2014 [6th]

2014 [5th] Entrance ceremony for the graduate student of Asia International Occupational Health Program



<Entrance Ceremony for the Vietnamese graduate student was held>


  Under the Asia International Occupational Health Program, one Vietnamese graduate student had her entrance ceremony on Thursday, April 3rd. Professor Higashi, President of UOEH, Professor Inoue, Dean of Graduate School of Medical Science hosted the ceremony and expressed their high expectations.


"Asia International Occupational Health Program" aims at

・training international students with Japanese students to be an internationally successful researcher.

・improving quality of research activities under high competitive environment.

・building a future research network for the international collaboration in the field of Occupational Health.


 This is the 8th year since we started this program. 


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2014 [6th] Director of International Center, Ken Takahashi's lecture at WSH conference and International Advisory Panel for WSH in Singapore



〈Director of International Center, Ken Takahashi's lecture at WSH conference and International Advisory Panel 

 for WSH in Singapore〉


 Director of International Center, Ken Takahashi was invited to the Workplace Safety and Health Conference hosted by the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore as one of the International Advisory Panels.  He made a lecture to approximately 900 participants at the conference, and he gave proposals in order to improve the workplace safety and health environment in Singapore with other Panelists.



 This is the 3rd WHS conference since 2008, aims at organizing and improving the workplace safety and health environment in Singapore.



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