2015 [15th] (Posted on Oct. 15, 2015) / 2015 [16th] (Posted on Oct. 29, 2015)

2015 [15th] Agreement was signed with Mackay Medical College, Taiwan (Posted on Oct. 15, 2015)



<Agreement was signed between Mackay Medical College, Taiwan>


The School of Medicine, UOEH has signed an Agreement regarding Medical Education Exchange Program with Mackay Medical College, Taiwan on October 1, 2015.


Based on this agreement, the details of the program will be developed further from now.


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<10th Prof. Hung-I Yeh, Mackay Medical College, Taiwan visited UOEH>


<4th Visit to Mackay Medical College, Taiwan> 


2015 [16th] JICA International Training Course 2015 (Posted on Oct. 29, 2015)



<JICA International Training Course 2015>


UOEH accepted 12 trainees of JICA International Training Course on "Food Safety Administration" on Friday, October 23. The trainees from ten different countries attended the lecture entitled "Toxicity of Chemical Contaminants in Food" by Prof. Susumu Ueno, Department of Occupational Toxicology, Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, UOEH.


DSC03167.JPG  DSC03178.JPG  

                       From the lecture 1                                        From the lecture 2