2015 [3rd] (Posted on Mar. 24, 2015) / 2015 [4th] (Posted on Mar. 24, 2015)

2015 [3rd] JICA Ergonomics Training Course (Posted on Mar. 24, 2015)



<JICA Ergonomics Training Course 2015> 


At the request of Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, UOEH has hosted 11 trainees from China for JICA Ergonomics Training Course 2015 on March 10 and 11. Lectures were given on four themes by five lecturers as shown below.


Tuesday, March 10

"Work management and ergonomics"

 -Associate Prof. Hiroyuki Izumi, Department of Ergonomics


Wednesday, March 11

"Prevention of health impairments arising from overwork"

 -Prof. Seichi Horie, Department of Health Policy and Management


"Occupational sleep medicine"

 -Prof. Nobuhiro Fujiki, Department of Ergonomics


"Mental health promotion"

 -Prof. Hisanori Hiro & Research Associate, Kosuke Mafune, Department of Mental Health 


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2015 [4th] Visit to Mackay Medical College, Taiwan (Posted on Mar. 24, 2015)


<Visited Mackay Medical College, Taiwan>  


Upon a suggestion of starting an international exchange program by Mackay Medical College, Prof. Sata, Director of UOEH hospital/Vice-President of UOEH and a staff of International Center visited Mackay Medical College and thier related facilities in Taiwan on March 15 and 16.


The college was established in 2009 and everything such as campus, dormitory, is new and well equipped with latest facilities. Also, the surrounding area has a lot of nature which looks an ideal environment for study and research activities. The Mackay Memorial Hospital as one of the related facilities has been serving its citizens over 130 years. It is expected to become a practical training facility for students if we establish a medical education exchange program.


We are looking forward to our possible future collaboration activities in the near future.


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