2015 [5th] (Posted on Mar. 24, 2015) / 2015 [6th] (Posted on Apr. 6, 2015)


2015 [5th] Doctors from UAE visited UOEH (Posted on Mar. 24, 2015)

<Doctors from Abu Dhabi, UAE visited UOEH>


Dr. Khaled K. Almansoori, Chief Medical Officer of Ruwais Hospital and Dr. Ajith George, Consultant Emergency Preparedness of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) from United Arab Emirates accompanied by Ms. Uchida from Emergency Assistance Japan visited UOEH on March 18.


The main purpose of their visit was to understand UOEH and to meet our docters/professors who are experts in the occupational health field. Following a courtesy call to President Higashi, Prof. Ken Takahashi, Director of International Center introduced the facilities at UOEH hospital and Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences with cooperation of other faculty staff members. After that, they joined a meeting with President Higashi, Prof. Ken Takahashi, Director of International Center, Prof. Ogami, Department of Work Systems and Health, Prof. Okazaki, Department of Radiological Health Science etc. to deepen their understanding toward UOEH specialities and the general occupational health environment in Japan. 


(This visit was kindly organized by Emergency Assistance Japan.)


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2015 [6th] Entrance ceremony for the graduate student of Asia International Occupational Health Program (Posted on Apr. 6, 2015)



 <Entrance Ceremony for the Chinese graduate student was held>


  Under the Asia International Occupational Health Program, one Chinese graduate student had her entrance ceremony on Friday, April 3rd. President Higashi, Professor Inoue, Dean of Graduate School of Medical Science hosted the ceremony and expressed their congratulations and expectations.


"Asia International Occupational Health Program" aims at

・training international students with Japanese students to be an internationally successful researcher

・improving quality of research activities under high competitive environment

・building a future research network for the international collaboration in the field of Occupational Health


 This is the 9th year since we started this program. 



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                 Entrance ceremony                      With senior graduate students