2015 [7th] (Posted on Apr. 21, 2015) / 2015 [8th] (Posted on Jun 25, 2015)

2015 [7th] Volunteership Program at WHO Kobe Center (Posted on Apr. 21, 2015) 



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Based on an agreement between the WHO Kobe Center (WHO Centre for Health Development) and UOEH, the International Center initiated a volunteership program in 2014 and sent its first participant, Dr. Donald John Wilson of the Department of Occupational Toxicology, Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences (IIES) between January 6th to 31st.


Since one of the WHO Kobe Center's activities is to conduct research in disaster risk management, the terms of reference for this volunteership program required Dr. Wilson to conduct extensive literature search of policies, guidelines, protocols or other documents pertaining to protection of the occupational health and safety of workers (OHS) during emergencies.


Dr. Wilson presented his experiences of this program at the 301st  Orion Seminar hosted by IIES on April 13, 2015. The finding from his research was an overall lack of OHS policies for workers in emergencies, particularly by the WHO and other UN agencies. He concluded his presentation on the importance of collaborating with respective stakeholders and contributing to the development of these guidelines, in view of the inevitability of disasters, and how they have been consistent and devastating in the recent past. He also expressed his appreciation to the WHO expert advisors, the WHO Kobe Center staff, and also to the UOEH International Center for the educational opportunity. 



         Presentation at Orion Seminar              Dr. Wilson with Director Alex Ross, WHOKC




2015 [8th] Prof. Takahashi attended the 10th WHOCC Global Network Meeting (Posted on Jun 25, 2015)



<Prof. Takahashi, Director of the International Center attended the 10th WHOCC Global Network Meeting>


Prof. Takahashi, Director of the International Center attended the 10th WHO Collaborating Centers (WHOCC) Global Network Meeting from May 27 to 29 in Jeju, Korea as a representative of Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences which is designated as one of the WHOCCs in Occupational Health. He chaired one of the group sessions for action related to asbestos-related diseases during the meeting.


The meeting was hosted by KOSHA (Korean Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute), and the invited participants were the directors of WHO CCs and their representatives, senior officials from the NGOs in official relations with WHO, experts from ILO and WHO and observers.


This meeting aims at the followings:

1. to review the progress made on the implementation of the GMP and develop recommendations for updating as necessary

2. to discuss the strategic directions for global action on workers’ health in the context of the post-2015 development agenda
3. to develop ways of working guide for the future activities of the Network, bearing in mind the new requirements of WHO for working with the CCs and the results of the post-implementation review