2015 [9th] (Posted on June 25, 2015) / 2015 [10th] (Posted on July 15, 2015)

2015 [9th] Prof. Takahashi's Plenary Talk at ICOH 2015 (Posted on June 25, 2015) 



<Prof. Takahashi's Plenary Talk at ICOH 2015>


Prof. Takahashi, Director of the Interational Center gave a plenary talk entitled "Asbestos and Asbestos-Related Diseases: Occupational Health or Worker's Health?" at the 31st ICOH (International Congress of Occupational Health) in Seoul, Korea. This congress lasted for 6 days from May 31 - June 5.  


ICOH has been held every 3 years aims at: 


 ・Contributing to academic development by sharing state of the art researches, knowledge, and experience in

     the OSH field.

 ・Reinforcing mutual cooperation by bolstering the solidarity of the global OSH professionals.

 ・Laying a platform to advance practical knowledge in the OSH field. 


 Next ICOH takes place in Dublin, Ireland for the period of April 29 - May 4, 2018.  




                                                      Prof. Ken Takahashi @ ICOH 




2015 [10th] Prof. Yeh, Mackay Medical College, Taiwan visited UOEH (Posted on July 15, 2015)



<Prof. Hung-I Yeh, Mackay Medical College, Taiwan visited UOEH>


Prof. Hung-I Yeh, Mackay Medical College (MMC), Taiwan visited UOEH on July 9. Following the courtesy call to President Higashi, a meeting and a tour at UOEH were done. This visit was planned based on the request of establishing a student exchange program between MMC and UOEH. Related faculty attended the meeting exchanged their ideas of the possible exchange program. Some unique facilities at UOEH such as the University Hospital, the Shared-Use Research Center and the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences were introduced to Prof. Yeh.  


  DSC02497.JPG   DSC02533.JPG

              Courtesy call & meeting                              Tour UOEH 1 (Ramazzini Hall)


  DSC02560.JPG   DSC02604.JPG

                         Tour UOEH 2                                               Tour UOEH 3

           (Shared-Use Research Center)             (Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences)