2016 [3rd] (Posted on Mar. 28, 2016) / 2016 [4th] (Posted on Apr. 14, 2016)

2016 [3rd] Seminar "How to write appealing abstracts in English" by Prof. Tom Gally (Posted on Mar. 28, 2016)



<Seminar "How to write appealing abstracts in English" by Prof. Tom Gally> 

 International Center hosted a seminar entitled "How to write appealing abstracts in English" by Professor Tom Gally of the University of Tokyo, Centre for Global Communication Strategies (& Department of Language and Information Sciences), Graduate School of Arts and Sciences / College of Arts and Sciences on Thursday, March 24, 2016.


 Using examples of abstracts, Prof. Gally approached the topic in a converstational manner, and the lecture had a friendly atmosphere. There were 40 participants indicated that the lecture was a success.


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                 From the seminar 1                                         From the seminar 2 



2016 [4th] MOU was signed with NIOHP, China CDC (Posted on Apr. 14, 2016)



<MOU was signed with NIOHP, China CDC>


On April 6th, Director Tao Li, Vice Director Yuxin Zheng and Prof. Xing Zhang from National Institute of Occupational Health and Poison Control (NIOHP), Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) paid a courtesy visit to UOEH. Director Li and President Higashi signed on a Memorandum of Understanding which aims at promoting cooperative research and future collaborations etc.


The delegation visited us for April 4-8th, and held meetings and tours within and outside of UOEH. Presentations entitled "Occupational health status in China" and "Research development of NIOHP" were delivered by the delegation. 


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                        Courtesy visit                                    MOU signing ceremony 


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             Presentation by Director Li                               Department visit