2017 [14th] (Posted on Oct. 31, 2017) / [15th] (Posted on Oct. 31, 2017)

2017 [14th] Delegation of Second Hospital of Hailongjiang Province visited UOEH (Posted on Oct. 31, 2017)


<Delegation of Second Hospital of Heilongjian Province visited UOEH>


Delegation of Second Hospital of Heilongjian Province, P.R. China lead by Dr. Yaohui Shi, the Director of the Hospital visited UOEH on October 20th and 21st. Purpose of their visit was to deepen their understandings about UOEH and our reasearch activities as they are designated as the Center for Poisoning Rescue and Treatment of Heilongjiang Province and Heilongjiang Institute of Occupational Health and Occupational Diseases in China. They visited several departments to know their latest research activities, also participated in the 35th Annual Meeting of the UOEH Association of Health Sciences.


 DSC06314.JPG DSC06328.JPG

                       Courtesy visit                                Presentation by the delegation 


 DSC06338.JPG DSC06350.JPG 

                      Department visit                                  Participation to the Meeting 




2017 [15th] Medical Education Exchange Program 2017 with Wonkwang University (Posted on Oct. 31, 2017)


<Medical Education Exchange Program 2017 with Wonkwang University>


Based on the agreement regarding the Medical Education Exchange Program signed in 2010, we welcomed two faculty members and six students from Wonkwang University, Korea from October 15th to 29th.


Following an opening ceremony and a welcome reception on October 16th, the Korean students participated in the clinical training at the UOEH hospital with UOEH students for two weeks.


DSC06259.JPG DSC06266.JPG

              Arrival at Fukuoka airport                                  Opening ceremony 


DSC06280.JPG DSC06364.JPG 

                  Welcome reception                                        Closing ceremony