2017 [18th] International Teleconference Seminar 2017 (Posted on Dec. 22, 2017)

<International Teleconference Seminar 2017>


UOEH together with National Taiwan University, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Khon Kaen University (Thailand) and Ateneo de Manila University (The Philippines) conducted International Teleconference Seminar 2017, also called International Perspectives in Environmental Health Issues. Every Tuesday from September 12 to December 19 (except for Oct. 17), we shared fourteen live lectures including four lectures provided by UOEH. A wide range of topics on Occupational Health reflecting each country's situation lead to a meaningful Q&A session after every lecture.


Five lectures were provided by President Higashi, Prof. Yatera, Prof. Matsuura, Prof. Yamato and Assoc Prof. Izumi. Profs. Nakata and Urano, Vice Directors of the International Center, Assoc. Prof. Yamamoto and Research Associate Odgerel actively facilitated the lectures as coordinators.


<Sept. 12> 

”Introduction of UOEH” by President Toshiaki Higashi

Coordinator: Prof. Akinori Nakata

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<Oct. 10>

"Uterine cervical cancer screening at the physical checkup of the company in Japan" by Prof. Yusuke Matsuura

Coordinator: Prof. Akinori Nakata 

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<Oct. 24>

"Health promotion in workplaces (nutrition, physical exercise, smoking cessation)" by Prof. Hiroshi Yamato

Coordinator: Prof. Akinori Nakata 

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<Nov. 28>

"The role of job analysis on job redesign" by Assoc. Prof. Hiroyuki Izumi

Coordinator: Research Associate Chimed-Ochir Odgerel

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<Dec. 12>

"Cardiopulmonary Diseases in Occupational and Environmental Health" by Prof. Kazuhiro Yatera

Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Yukiyo Yamamoto

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