2018 [1st] Activity report as a WHO Collaborating Center ~Visit to Vietnam~ (Posted on Jan. 12, 2018)

<Activity report as a WHO Collaborating Center ~Visit to Vietnam~>


From December 26 to 29, Prof. Seichi Horie from the Department of Health Policy and Management and Mr. Yoshiyuki Fukuzawa, the Advisory and Acting Manager of the International Center, visited Vietnam National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health (NIOEH) and the Health and Environment Management Agency, Ministry of Health, Vietnam (HEMA, MOH) representing the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, UOEH, a WHO Collaborating Center (WHO-CC).


At NIOEH, which is also a WHO-CC for Occupational Health, they had a meeting with fifteen members of NIOEH headed by Dr. Doan, the Director of the NIOEH, and exchanged the latest information regarding occupational diseases and prevention measures in Vietnam and Japan. The meeting was followed by a tour of the NIOEH, with which the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, UOEH has an effective MOU. At the meeting with the Deputy Director and the Head of the Occupational Health and Injury Prevention Division at HEMA, MOH, the main topic of the discussion was the current situation of newly introduced occupational health regulations, along with other recent occupational health issues.



1.jpg NIOEH 5.JPG

                      Meeting at NIOEH                                            Introduction of the powered

                                                                                  air-purifying dust-protective mask


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                 Visit to NIOEH                               Visit to HEMA, MOH