2017 [4th] (Posted on April 11, 2017) / 2017 [5th] (Posted on May 29, 2017) / 2017 [6th] (Posted on Jun 26, 2017)

2017 [4th] Entrance ceremony for the graduate students of Asia International Occupational Health Program (Posted on April 11, 2017)


<Entrance ceremony for the graduate students of Asia International Occupational Health Program was held>


Under the Asia International Occupational Health Program, two graduate students from China and Vietnam had their entrance ceremony on Wednesday, April 5th. President Higashi, Prof. Tanaka, Dean of Graduate School of Medical Science and Prof. Yoshimura hosted the ceremony and welcomed them by expressing high expectations.


 "Asia International Occupational Health Program" aims at

・Training international students with Japanese students to be an internationally successful researcher.

・Improving quality of research activities under high competitive environment.

・Building a future research network for the international collaboration in the field of  Occupational Health.

  This is the 10th year since we accepted the first group of students under this program in 2007. 


  図1.png   DSC05303.JPG 

                     Entrance ceremony                             With international PhD students 

2017 [5th] Medical Education Exchange Program 2017 (Posted on May 29, 2017) 


<Medical Education Exchange Program 2017>


Based on the MOU with each university, UOEH sent sixth year students to the Universities in Taiwan and Korea as the Medical Education Exchange Program 2017. Students told us that they had a wonderful experience and appreciated the hospitality which they received from their host universities throughout the program.


・Mackay Medical College, Taiwan

    3 students, May 14 - 27


・Wonkwang University, Korea

    5 students, May 14 – 27


・Kosin University, Korea

    5 students, May 15 – 27



2017 [6th] Visit to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (Posted on Jun. 26, 2017)


<Visit to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)>


Prof. Nakata, Vice Director of the International Center visited the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) from June 10th to 15th. The purpose of this visit was to consult about the possible establishment of Memorandum of Understanding for future collaborations between NIOSH and UOEH. Prof. Nakata discussed related matters with Dr. Naomi G Swanson, PhD, Chief of Organizational Science and Human Factors Branch and Deputy.


IMG_3765.JPG IMG_3766.JPG