2017 [7th] (Posted on Jul. 19, 2017) / [8th] (Posted on Jul. 19, 2017)

2017 [7th] Medical Education Exchange Program 2017 with Mackay Medical College (Posted on Jul. 19, 2017)


<Medical Education Exchange Program 2017 with Mackay Medical College>


Based on the agreement regarding the Medical Education Exchange Program signed in 2015, we welcomed five students from Mackay Medical College, Taiwan from June 18 to July 15.


Following an opening ceremony and a welcome reception, the students joined UOEH students for four weeks of clinical training at the UOEH hospital. 


 DSC05363.JPG DSC05369.JPG

                    Arrival at Fukuoka airprot                                                Opening ceremony



DSC05370.JPG DSC05903.JPG

                            Campus tour                                          Successful completion of the program 

2017 [8th] JICA country focused training program for Iraq 2017 (Posted on Jul. 19, 2017)


<JICA country focused training program for Iraq 2017> 

UOEH implemented the JICA country focused training program for Iraq entitled "Practical Training on Analytical Measures of Hazardous Substances in the Work Environment" from July 4 to 14, 2017. Nine particiapnts from Iraq and Kurdistan region attended the lectures and tours within and outside of UOEH.


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 Courtesy visit to President Higashi                     Lecture 1


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                     Lecture 2                                         Lecture 3 


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                     Site visit                                     Closing ceremony