Associate Professor : Yoshiro MAEDA (M.A)

In 1958 born, in 1987 graduated from the doctoral course in Kyoto University (philosophy, ethics), since 1999 present post.

Focus of research

Mainly based on Kant's philosophy, I study various problems around the human being and try to understand the human as a whole.

Key words : scientific philosophy, philosophy and ethics of technology, categorical imperative, bioethics, environmental thought

Latest publications of our research


  1. Yoshiro Maeda (2001):
    Trueness of Modern Natural Science (1) : The Scientific Rovolution and the Problem of Philosophy, Journal of UOEH, Vol. 23 (4) : 369-380

  2. Yoshiro Maeda (1999):
    Technology and Environment, What is 'Ethica' ?; an introduction to the modern ethics, K. Arihuku ed., Nakanishiya, 282-304

  3. Yoshiro Maeda (1999):
    Logical Ground of the Categorical Imp erative, Paideia - The Journal of Cultural Science, Vol. 23 (Osaka University of Pharmaceutial Sciences), 35-58

  4. Yoshiro Maeda (1999)
    Possibility in being ' the Other' in the Bioethics, Studies in Comparative Philosophy, Vol. 25 separate volume

  5. Yoshiro Maeda(1998)
    Medical Technology and Bioethics, For the People Studying the Bioethics, H. Kato & N. Kamo ed., Sekaisisousya, 274-288

Presentations in academic meetings

  1. Yoshiro Maeda (2001):
    Redefinition of the 'Personhood' : on the base of Categorical Imperative, in 20th Japanese Assotiation on the Medical Philosophy & Ethics, 21 Oct. 2001, Shibaura College of Technology

Memberships in academic societies

Philosophical Association of the Kansai Region, Ethical Association of the Kansai Region, Ethical Association in Japan, Association of Medical Philosophy and Ethics in Japan, Association of Kant in Japan, Association of Scientific Philosophy, Association of Comparative Thought


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