Health Center

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  The Health Center is an independent organization directly managed by the university. The staff includes a Director, a Vice Director, 6 occupational health nurses, a technician, and 4 staff members from the Personnel Section in charge of health checkups. With the cooperation of the Occupational Health Training Center, the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, the University Hospital and related departments and divisions, they conduct medical checkups, infection control, vaccination, and health consultation. The university is proud of maintaining an extraordinarily high rate of receiving medical checkups, which the Center promotes through a careful follow-up support and public relations. It provides the most elaborate precautions against socially increasing mental health problems and supports reinstatement by 7 occupational health physicians in close cooperation with related departments and divisions.
  The Center contributes to the management of the university and the hospitals by supporting learning and social activities of the students and promoting healthy and satisfying working conditions through health management.