Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health


 ◩ What is occupational medicine?


   A new medical science of the 21st century emphasizing preventive medicine

   as well as maintaining and promoting good health among working people.


  New medical science that clarifies the impact of both changes in environments caused by the progress of scientific technology and the development of industries on the health of workers, and thus promotes good health as well as preventive medicine and remedial medicine through an integrated system.




 ◩ What do occupational health physicians do?


   Occupational health physicians are medical doctors who practice medical activities for occupational health

   at industrial sites for the purpose of creating more comfortable occupational environments.


   Drastic changes in social conditions in recent years are causing increases in both mental and physical stress among workers, and new health problems are arising. For prevention of occupational diseases and for maintenance and promotion of worker's health (including mental health), occupational health physicians take an increasingly professional approach as team leaders of health care staff.




 ◩ What is occupational health?


   Occupational health studies the maintenance and promotion of health and
   prevention of injury and illness for working people.


   Occupational health includes activities aimed at contributing to increased productivity of workers as well as a change of pace. In the face of various health hazards at worksites, occupational health contributes to providing workers with a comfortable work environment through integrated healthcare management, combining prevention and treatment, and supports appropriate work management for workers based on the analysis of jobs and labor from a medical standpoint.