Wakamatsu Hospital




  As the only general hospital in Wakamatsu Ward and a regional core hospital, the Wakamatsu Hospital aims to be a trusted and attractive hospital by providing safer and more qualified medical services to everyone and by working in close collaboration and coordination with local medical institutions.
  Since its opening, the hospital has supplied acute-phase treatment and home-care support, such as the home-nursing care project and visiting nursing, for the promotion of specialized medical services in the aging community of Wakamatsu Ward. An artificial dialysis division was newly introduced in 2016 to enhance the support for medical care in the community.
  The hospital also practices elaborate medical safety precautions against medical accidents and hospital-acquired infection, and provides patient-oriented medical services through consultations about complaints, medical and nursing care, medical assistance, use of social resources, transferring to another hospital and discharge from the hospital.



 ◎ We practice healthcare and medicine whose priority is

      benefits for our patients.

 ◎ We provide the safest and the highest quality healthcare

      based on scientific evidence.

 ◎ We educate physicians working for occupational and

      environmental health and general medical practitioners

      with full of humanity. 



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 Coordination between the University Hospital and Wakamatsu Hospital