Hospital of the University of the Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan (Acute Care Facility)

◆Acute Care Facility opens August 17 2023

  In the future, we will further strengthen our functions as a core hospital that will play a leading role in advanced acute care, and as a training institute for occupational physicians.

  This five-story hospital building has a total area of approximately 22,000 ㎡ and incorporates state-of-the-art technology and equipment. It has been functionally enhanced for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  The building houses 17 operating rooms, including a hybrid operating room that is equipped with CT, angiography, and other examination equipment, providing highly functional medical care facilities. With the ability to perform surgery immediately after medical inspection, it ensures safer and more reliable surgeries for patients.
  Additionally, the building offers many private rooms, creating an ideal medical environment that considers the patients' and their families' emotions.