Postgraduate Education(School of Medicine)

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  These well-developed postgraduate training courses are designed

to help occupational health physicians improve personal skills

needed to respond to expectations in industrial society as

representatives directly responsible for healthcare as well as leaders

in healthcare management for workers. 



◆ Postgraduate Occupational Health Training Curriculum


  The Postgraduate Occupational Health Training Program was established in 1989 to train highly
qualified physicians and other health care specialists in occupational health.
  This program was reorganized in 2012 to be better suit the purpose of providing the training
necessary for working as an occupational physician and of educating occupational physicians with
a high level of expertise.
  Graduates of the School of Medicine enter this course directly after graduation and acquire the
expertise necessary to work as an occupational health physician and in related services. After
learning the basics of medicine during the first two years of clinical training, residents will choose
among two programs and receive training for three to four years, accordingly. During the training,
residents in either course will be able to gain a position as an occupational health physician.
  Occupational Health Trainees will be awarded the Certificate after completing the required course.