Graduate School of Medical Science

Graduate School of Medicine        Annual Enrollment 40/

                                                         Period of Attendance 4 years (Doctoral Course)

Graduate School of                        Annual Enrollment 10 / 

Occupational Health                         Period of Attendance 2 years (Master Course)

                                                  Annual Enrollment 5 / 

                                                          Period of Attendance 3 years (Doctoral Course)


Graduate School of Nursing           Annual Enrollment 5 / 

                                                          Period of Attendance 2 years (Master Course)


Asia International Educational Program for Graduate Students in the field of Occupational Health



◆ Educational Purposes


   The aim of our medical graduate program is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the theories in medical education; their application in the fields of medicine, nursing science, and other healthcare technologies; and their contribution to the progress of medicine, nursing science, healthcare technologies in the field of occupational medicine, and the improvement of social welfare. Our graduate school also offers a unique English language program aimed at developing the human resource skills necessary to work effectively in an international


◆ Graduate School of Medical Science 





  Graduate School of Medicine


 ◆ Graduate School of Occupational Health


 ◆ Graduate School of Nursing