Graduate School of Medicine

◆ Graduate School of Medicine 

         ・Annual Enrollment 40   ・Period of Attendance 4 years (Doctoral Course)   ・Degree / Doctor of Phylosophy in Medical Science


  Based on the concept of “occupational health mind” unique to our university,this course is intended for those who have a medical license to be leaders in both research and clinical practice through a curriculum taught by experts in occupational medicine and other medical fields, leading them to have advanced knowledge in preventive medicine and specialized fields with an “occupational health mind.”



◆ Diploma Policy


  The Graduate School of Medicine confers a doctoral degree in Medical Science on students who have: 1) studied at the university for the prescribed course term or longer; 2) acquired the prescribed credits; 3) received the necessary guidance for research; 4) passed the thesis defense and final examination; and 5) gained a high level of scholarship and research ability, as explained below.


   1 They will have acquired a broad and high level of expertise in the field of medical science, including occupational health medicine.
   2 They will be able to design, promote, and implement academically significant, novel, and creative research, in keeping with ethical concerns.
   3 They will be able to explain the universality of their research in a logical manner.
   4 They will be able to teach their acquired knowledge in the field of medicine, including occupational health medicine, through practical education and academic publications.
   5 They will have acquired internationally-recognized abilities.
   6 They will have an inquiring mind to go on learning throughout their life, and will contribute to the development of their field of research.