Occupational Health Training Center



  The Occupational Health Training Center was established as a facility where occupational physicians and other health care specialists can acquire knowledge and technical know-how related to the practice of occupational health. It is also dedicated to improving the quality of occupational health care overall.
  The Center has been the institute of affiliation for resident occupational physicians since 1999. It manages and arranges the five-year course in the Occupational Health Physician Specialist Course I, which was rearranged in 2012 to better suit the purpose of providing training necessary for working as an occupational health physician and of educating occupational physicians to have a high level of expertise. It also promotes the employment of occupational health physicians and provides occupational health training for each course. In addition, it has been in charge of the total practice of occupational medicine and of occupational health in the University Hospital clinical training program since 2005, qualifying medical students as occupational physicians immediately after graduation.




  This Center is managed by a university-wide system that includes the School of Medicine, the School of Health Sciences, the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, and the University Hospital, with the director and full-time faculty staff members playing central roles.
  In actual operation, occupational health training for occupational health physician trainees is carried out as the occupational medicine internship course, comprised offour divisions: Division of General Health Management, Division of Health Care and Promotion, Division of Work Conditions and Ergonomics, and Division of Work Environment Control.
  Furthermore, the Center provides the Intensive Course of Occupational Health Fundamentals Workshop for people from other institutes who are interested in acquiring the qualification of occupational physician, and the Occupational Health Practice Workshop for occupational health in other major cities in Japan. It also gathers information on needs from work sites through various training programs, and provides and analyzes information on occupational health training.








Intensive Course of Occupational Health Fundamentals Workshop

    and Occupational Health Practice Workshop


  The Intensive Course of Occupational Health Fundamentals Workshop (Summer Intensive Course}, certified by the Japan Medical Association, has been cohosted by UOEH and the Fukuoka Medical Association since 1997. The workshop has been organized independently since 2011, and those who complete the course are qualified to be an occupational health physician, based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act. We are proud of having received about 17,000 graduates in this short-term intensive workshop, one of the largest in Japan.
  The lecturers of this workshop belong to the faculty of the School of Medicine, the School of Health Sciences, the Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, and the Occupational Health Training Center of this University, and are experts in education, research and practice in occupational health and health sciences. Elite experts in the latest clinical medicine, basic and applied medicine and training programs offer lectures and training.
  The Occupational Health Practicum Workshop offers practical training based on many years of engagement in educating occupational health physicians. It develops programs for a wide range of themes and different levels of experience and expertise of the participants. It takes place in Tokyo, Osaka and other cities.