Graduate School of Nursing

◆ Graduate School of Nursing 

         ・Annual Enrollment 5   ・Period of Attendance 2 years (Master Course)   ・Degree / Master of Science in Nursing


  This course is intended for those who have obtained (or will obtain) a qualification as a public health nurse, midwife or clinical nurse. The course is designed to train nurse practitioners with advanced practical nursing skills and research thinking skills, nursing administrators with advanced management skills, and researchers and educators specializing in the field of nursing science.



◆ Diploma Policy


  The Graduate School of Nursing (Master’s Course) confers a master degree in Nursing Science on people who have: 1) studied at the university for the prescribed course term or longer, 2) acquired the prescribed credits; 3) received the necessary guidance for research; 4) passed the thesis defense and final examination; and 5) acquired a high level of academic and research ability, as explained below.


   1 They will have acquired basic knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing science.
   2 They will be able to promote and implement academically significant, novel, and creative research, in keeping with ethical concerns.
   3 They will be able to explain their research results in a logical manner.
   4 They will have acquired internationally-recognized abilities.
   5 They will have an inquiring mind to go on learning throughout their life, and will contribute to the development of their field of research.